A tradition started in 2007, of course we wouldn't have thought that such a prestigious event would turn out, as there were teams from 13 countries in the 2019 tournament - and I would just like to say in brackets that in 2020 it is highly likely that we will have teams from four continents!

But let's not run that far. In 2015, we introduced the Santa Claus Cup logo and added a new look to the event with the clear purpose of introduce the tournament in as many places as possible. We think this was successful because when we went to any of the neighboring countries, everywhere we came across hats or other Santa Claus logo items.

So the next step for us was that once the kids and parents know the logo of the tournament, give them something special so they remember exactly which tournaments they've played.

Last year we made a nice change to the logo, with the addition of the clover and the number 13. From now on, there will be a new logo every year, along with the original logo, which will be for that year only, reminding participants that, for example, "we participated in the 14th Santa Claus tournament."

Who knows, 10 or 15 years from now, when players become parents, for example, they will tell their own children that they have participated in a Santa Claus tournament.

We, the organizers, have clear goals for the tournament: we want to create a tradition that can only be surpassed in very few places, we want to be the best!

From now on, there will be a new logo every year in addition to the original logo. How do you like the logo of the 14th Santa Claus Cup?

The tournament dates and all other important information will arrive soon