Launched in December 2007, the Santa Claus Cup, which formed a lot in the first few years, even ran twice as the Christmas Cup. But the point has not changed since the beginning: to start a tradition - which we think has succeeded. This year, in 2019, we are organizing one of the biggest youth tournaments in Europe for the 13th time.

The name of Santa Claus Cup coincided for many people with Dunaújváros, but the third and fourth tournament (in 2009 and 2010) was organized in Zalaegerszeg by Vladimir Babic, the chief organizer of the tournament. The tournament has been organized since its inception by the Slovak specialist under the auspices of the Dunaújváros Jégtörők Egyesület. This lineup was complemented by the Hungarian Talent team (which was also launched by Vladimir Babic), which has been participating in the organizing of the Santa Claus Cup since 2015.

The tournament is a small ice surface one, three games running simultaneously. The Santa Claus Cup basically started in the U10 age group and remained like that until 2015. The year 2015 is of historical importance, since the official logo of the tournament was born, and in that year we expanded the tournament for two ages, and U9s can compete since then. Since 2018, we have divided the participants into levels, as more and more teams want to participate year after year, so from now on U10 A will be in the prestigious and popular tournament next to U10 AAA, U10 AA and U9 AAA.

Over the years, 374 teams from 98 associations from 15 countries participated in the tournament.

2007 - 10 teams U10
2008 - 10 teams U10
2009 - 12 timov U10
2010 - 12 teams U10
2011 - 16 teams U10
2012 - 16 teams U10
2013 - 18 teams U10
2014 - 18 teams U10
2015 - 32 teams U10 AAA and U9 AAA
2016 - 35 teams U10 AAA and U9 AAA
2017 - 36 teams U10 AAA and U9 AAA
2018 - 52 teams U10 AAA, U10 AA and U9 AAA
2019 - 76 csapat U10 AAA, U10 AA ,U10 Aés U9 AAA
2020 - Cancelled due to the COVID pandemic
2021 - 31 csapat U10 AAA, U10 AA

From the above list it really shows how a small tournament became one of the biggest and best tournaments in Central Europe.

The flags of team winners of the tournament hang from the top of the ice rink.

Previous winners:
2007 - Huks Warsawa (POL)
2008 - HC Csikszereda (ROU)
2009 - Cervena Zvezda Belehrad (SRB)
2010 - Hoba Bratislava (SVK)
2011 - Valasské Merizici (CZE)
2012 - Hoba Bratislava (SVK)
2013 - HC Kosice (SVK)
2014 - Hoba Bratislava (SVK)
2015 - DAB Dunaújváros (HUN)
2016 - Piráti Chomutov (CZE)
2017 - Ocelári Trinec (CZE)
2018 - HC Decin (CZE)
2019 - HC Kosice (SVK)
2020 -
2021 - HC Decin (CZE)

During the fourteen years, there is one association that participated in the tournament every year, HOBA Bratislava. The Slovak team also holds the title of most tournament victories, with three gold medals.

Let your team be part of the tradition and write history together!