The Santa Claus Cup team finished third in the II. Kulcsi Sausage Filling Competition, where we participated for the first time. The team was made up of the organizers of the Santa Claus Cup.

We have proven many times that we can organize a high-quality tournament, but in sausage filling, apart from the recipe, the most important thing is the distribution of work. On a beautiful sunny day, with a very good mood, a total of 18 teams competed against each other - and it was clear from the start that who would take home the special prize for the team appearance, as we dressed in uniforms and couldn't be missed!

Of course, we took the competition seriously and surprised the jury as our sausage became the third finest in the competition!

So we ended our first race on the podium immediately - and of course we accepted the invitation for next year!

Who knows what awaits us this summer, we are looking forward to any cooking competition - goulash and fish cooks beware, we're coming!