We have two pieces of news - one good and one bad. We will organize the Santa Claus Cup again this year, but due to the coronavirus, we decided to only invite Hungarian teams!

When you consider that last year, out of 72 teams 41 were foreigners and came from 13 different countries to take part in one of the biggest tournaments in Europe, it really hurts our hearts that this is how it turned out to be this year.

However, the registration period began in August - and even in this difficult situation, more than 50 foreign teams were interested in the tournament.

The dates have also changed, so we will be organizing the event in three days instead of seven.

The U10AAA and U10AA Santa Claus Cup will be on December 5-6, 2020, and the U10 A will be on December 9, 2020.

We have already contacted the Hungarian teams and informed them of the situation.

So far, 339 teams from 84 associations from 15 countries have taken part in the tournament.

2007 - 10 teams U10
2008 - 10 teams U10
2009 - 12 teams U10
2010 - 12 teams U10
2011 - 16 teams U10
2012 - 16 teams U10
2013 - 18 teams U10
2014 - 18 teams U10
2015 - 32 teams U10 AAA and U9 AAA
2016 - 35 teams U10 AAA and U9 AAA
2017 - 36 teams U10 AAA and U9 AAA
2018 - 52 teams U10 AAA, U10 AA and U9 AAA
2019 - 72 teams U10 AAA, U10 AA, U10 A and U9

From the list above, you can really see how a small tournament became one of the biggest and best tournaments in Central Europe.

The flags of the tournament winners with a team logo hang from the top of the ice rink.

The winners so far:

2007 - Huks Warsawa (POL)
2008 - HC Csikszereda (ROU)
2009 - Cervena Zvezda Belehrad (SRB)
2010 - Hoba Bratislava (SVK)
2011 - Valasské Merizici (CZE)
2012 - Hoba Bratislava (SVK)
2013 - HC Kosice (SVK)
2014 - Hoba Bratislava (SVK)
2015 - DAB Dunaújváros (HUN)
2016 - Pirate Chomutov (CZE)
2017 - Ocelári Trinec (CZE)
2018 - HC Decin (CZE)
2019 - HC Kosice (SVK)

For the thirteen years there has been an association that participated in the tournament every year, HOBA Bratislava. Each series is interrupted once - unfortunately it will be due to the virus.

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