We are pleased to announce that even though this year is full of difficulties so far, we will still launch the Europe Summer Camp - just as before in the wonderful circumstances provided by Hotel Altis Namestovo!

We have had to wait a long time with this decision, for understandable reasons, but very good news has come from all countries in recent weeks! The Slovak government has so far tried to curb the epidemic with one of the strictest rules, which has resulted in one of the fewest diseases, so we can safely say that we are organizing the summer camp in a country where the virus was scarce and we hope, it stays that way! The Slovak-Hungarian border will be opened in two stages in June.

In order to be able to organize a quality camp in the fourth year as well, it is very important to contact the registered players as soon as possible and start developing the entire program as soon as possible. So far, a lot of players have registered, we can say that the camp was almost full in February, but in the light of what has happened since then, it will only become clear to us how many of you would like to take the opportunity this year as well.

More information about the camp can be requested at europesummercamp@gmail.com or by phone at + 36209359569.

The advance of EUR 200 must be paid by 15 June. From now on, you will find all the important information on the website and on our social media pages. We already announced in November that we will be launching a bus from Budapest for the first time this year, but this will be delayed for several reasons - so everybody will have to solve the trip to the camp site with an individual trip!