Gábor Jávorics has been working with the main organizer Vladimír Babic for almost ten years. We talked to the always cheerful, hard-working professional about the fifth Europe Summer Camp.
- How did the work with Vladimír Babic start?
Gábor Jávorics: We have been working together since 2012, first at the organization level and then at Hungary Talent. The idea of a summer skills development camp was born in Vlado’s mind six years ago, where the main criterion was that we wanted to hold the camp in a place where the kids have everything in one place for successful training. We managed to find the site in Namestovo, Slovakia, where there is an ice rink, accommodation, meals, a swimming pool, an artificial turf in one place - so we can provide professional conditions for the children.
- This will be the fifth camp - how much work does it take to bring such an event together?
J. G .: - A lot of work. The organization always starts for next season after the closing of the previous camp - and from March the organizing team will switch to full steam. We are already negotiating the design of gift jerseys, T-shirts, shorts, slippers and the official puck of the Europe Summer Camp - because in addition to all-inclusive care, children also receive these with the lifelong experiences. As the camp approaches, so do the tasks: registration, managing the costs of the camp, making room schedules, assigning 24-hour medical staff and helpers throughout the camp are all time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks. We are always striving to provide something new, even more than last year. I think every year we also learn something new and positive that we can use next year to provide an even more professional camp for the kids.
- Is it still possible to apply for this year's camp?
J. G .: - Yes, there are still places in both camps. It is very important that all registered players receive a confirmation email with key information such as advance payment. We, the organizers, will then contact everyone by April 15 at the phone number or email address provided. Depositing is also very important because we accept participation in the order in which payments are made. The advance can be paid for the given account number from April 1 to June 10.
- What about the virus?
J. G .: - Of course, we are constantly monitoring the situation and the restrictions. We hope that, like last year, the camp will run smoothly this year. If we are still unable to organize the event due to the coronavirus, we will refund the advance to everyone within seven days.
- The core values haven't changed, have they?
J. G .: - No. The goal is still to develop new friendships in addition to development, and to leave the children with the lifelong experiences already mentioned. We try to create an atmosphere in every camp where everyone feels good. I also include parents who can attend ice workouts for example - we usually manage to make a lasting impression for both children and adults!