We believe that in the first two years it has been proven to be a good idea and a realization, so the program needed only little refinement. This year we start with a record number in both rounds, we had full house already in March. The development camp is running thanks to the work of 28 people, who will help the organization and execution in some form.

In 2019, 120 players and 20 goalkeepers will work in four groups. Each training session will have 3-7 coaches on the ice at one time, and two separate coaches, Filipec Kosecky and Attila Kis will take care of powerskating and stakemill.

There are two head coaches in each group: Paulovic Milos and Matejov Vladimir in the first group, Vybiral Miroslav and Gergely Borbás in the second group, Máté Arany and Balázs Kukucska in the third group, while Segin Tomas and Alfréd Kedves in the fourth group. In addition, there will be young assistants for all four groups: Gergely Mattyasovszky, Dávid Barna, Zsombor Galajda and Ábris Gulácsi, along with Jana Gyore Beke and Laczovics Vivien Éva as coordinators. As every year, the goalkeepers will have a special program under the guidance of Csaba Székely, who will be helped by Duschek Dávid and Roland Palla this year. Their work will be assisted by Bence Fekete and Gellért Gratzl, and Ágnes Holló as coordinator.

The organization of the whole camp and the training plans were done by Vladimir Babic and Gábor Jávorics. Each group has separate training plans and programs. The goal is, of course, that all the participants enjoy all the trainings, as well as develop as much as possible during the camp.

The photo also shows Samuel Kovalik and Michal Glonek, photographer and videographer of the camp, László Gutveiler, our web site manager, and Bence Boda, our communications officer.