Nothing is easy to organise in the current climate, but life never stops, so we are proud to announce the successful completion of the fifth Europe Summer Camp!

Due to Covid, summer camps in Slovakia can only be organised under very strict conditions. This requires various permits, official testing and a lot of paperwork - which is why we tried to organise the event in such a way that the participants only had to concentrate on the training and the various activities. The Altis Resort, where we can already say we are at home, provided us with a beautiful setting and professional conditions again this year!

Armed with years of experience, we try to do everything better and refine the programme every year. This year for the first time we started a bus service from Budapest, and many of the participants took advantage of the opportunity, because this year - as almost always in the past - 80% of the participants were Hungarian children. In two rounds (11-16 July and 17-22 July), children aged 7-16 from eight countries came together. So, in addition to Hungary, there were participants from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, America, France, Romania and even a Mexican participant.

This year, in addition to 168 players, 22 goalkeepers developed - and gained experience - during the camps.

What parents missed this year was the daily Facebook and Instagram check-ins, pictures and videos on social media. We live in strange times and although everything was in order with the permits to organise the camp, this year we certainly didn't want to draw more public attention to ourselves than we had to.

So all posts, videos and pictures will be sent and uploaded to our social media pages soon.

We wish you all a great summer and a successful season!