This year for the fourth time, the staff of Hungary Talent organized the Europe Summer Camp in Slovakia, in the four-star Altis Resort - and in line with the previous years, the participants had a lot of great experiences besides the development.

As we have written several times, we are very lucky with the beautiful venue, as few camps can be organized in places like the Altis Resort, where the accommodation, the ice rink, the pool and the gym are in one place.

It is very important for us, the organizers, that the children develop in the best possible conditions.

This year, a total of 26 goalkeepers and 175 players (all born between 2004 and 2013) attended the event. Most were U16, 2005/2006 born players, 56 of the participants were of this age group.

Next year, of course, the Europe Summer Camp will continue, and we already know the dates:
the first round will be July 11-16, 2021, while the second round will be between July 17-22, 2021.

Thank you for being with us again this year and we wish everyone a successful season.
See you next year!