The Europe Summer Camp ice hockey training organizers consider it a particularly important task to take special care with goalkeepers. The representatives of the technically and mentally unbelievably complex position will therefore be working separately with the help of state-of-the-art training methods and tools, just like in the first year.

Two Hungarian young trainers will work with the goalies. Csaba Székely has been coaching in Vasas since 2011. Three years ago, he received an honorable invitation from the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation - since then he oversees the work of the goalkeepers of the national teams in younger age groups. In the last two seasons he also worked at the senior team of the Dunaújváros Steel Bulls - and he also took part in a number of camps. Márk Hajek began his coaching career at the Jászberényi Seals in 2015, where he was U8 head coach and U10-U12 assistant coach. In the following season he became the head coach of KMH U12 "B" and goalie coach of U8-U16 age groups. In the same season he was on a study trip to the Finnish Karpat Oulu team, where he learned about goalkeeper training. From the 2017-2018 season, he deals with all the goalies of KMH, including U18 and U20. At the end of this season, he learned at an elite goalkeeper training at the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.

It is therefore absolutely certain that the goalkeepers will be given the right load of work because, besides the common ice training, special ice and dry sessions will also await the goalies - under the supervision of excellent specialists!