Csaba Székely, the goalie coach of Fehérvári Titánok, the ifj. Ocsaky Gábor Jégkorong Akadémia and the U20 Hungarian national team has been a member of the Hungary Talent coaching staff for a long time - and of course, he will be responsible for the proper training of the goalies during this year's Europe Summer Camp. Among other things, we talked to the young specialist about what training sessions await the goalkeepers who will be attending the summer development camp this year.

- For the fourth year in a row, you have been the head coach of the goalkeepers at the Europe Summer Camp, what is your experience?
Csaba Székely: - I think that Hungary Talent offers a very unique opportunity with the Europe Summer Camp summer development camp, as children can prepare for the challenges of next season in a special place with the help of Hungarian and foreign experts. In addition, because they come from several countries, they can learn a lot from each other, not only on, but off the ice as well - and of course it is not uncommon to make close friendships during camp.

- There is a lot of emphasis in the camp on the training of the goalkeepers ...
Cs. Sz.: - That is right, for coaches it is great if many goalkeepers are on the ice as training can be much more exciting. For example, in case of circuit training, it is much more effective for coaches to be able to use goalkeepers at each station - thus developing both players and goalkeepers. 4-6 goalkeepers can work on each training - that is why it is excellent that the camp of players and goalies is together.

- What does a goalkeeper's daily training program look like?
Cs. Sz.: - Each goalkeeper participates in three ice training sessions a day, and we also hold special dry training sessions for them. It’s a really intense six days, plus we even have separate video analysis meetings where we can look back at the exercises. We strive to make progress not only physically but also mentally. Of course, in addition to such a pace, we also pay serious attention to proper regeneration and I can safely say that this highest level of training is typical of the national youth teams!

- Who should participate in the camp this year?
Cs. Sz.: - Over the years, the camp has become completely international, with goalkeepers from Transylvania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. This year, 20 goalkeepers between the ages of 7 and 16 can register for each turn, but of course, we welcome anyone. This international trend is also true for the staff, as in addition to the Hungarians, foreign experts came from three or even more countries here - which will not be any different this year.