This is going to be the fourth time this year when we will host the Europe Summer Camp and from the first year it has worked great that the first two trainings of each group are held by the skill coach.

We put a lot of emphasis on finding a great skill coach who has worked on this skill set throughout his career and who is constantly improving.

The skill coaches so far have all been names we are proud to have been able to work with: first year Ondrej Smrz from the Czech Republic, then Bratislava Bendik and Tibor Tartal, and last year Filip Kosecky.
This year, we’re going to work with a coach who started learning the profession with his dad at the age of six - and we can safely say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

He is David Minarik, who learned to play hockey in the Dukla Trencin organization, reached the Slovak national team in the U20 age group, and participated in many trainings and camps as a child, where his father, Rasto Minarik, worked as an instructor - and he is also the owner of the Jokers Academy. So it may be clear to everyone who David learned to skate from!

David Minarik is a real skill coach who is very young but already has a lot of experience. He could be met in several training camps every summer, but he has been a head coach in Hungary Talent for almost a year now.

We are very happy that he is joining the coaching team of Europe Summer Camp!

We’ll be coming up with one of the most exciting themes soon and presenting the graphic designs for this year’s jerseys!

If you are curious, the new news will arrive in two days!