As a head coach, you have already worked in several camps in Slovakia and abroad. We are delighted that in the summer of 2021 you accepted the invitation of the organizers for the fifth time. Can you tell the fans and readers why?

We first met with the Hungary Talent Academy owner, Mr Babic in 2017. He told me that he is organizing a summer training camp in Slovakia. We agreed and I became part of the first Europe Summer Camp. The vision we talked about together before the camp was fulfilled, we offered quality with a focus on details and provided an individual approach to each player. I personally met new colleagues, experienced experts in not just ice hockey but also fitness
training, different skills coaches, and the bar was set up very high. I am happy for the trust Vladimir Babic gave to me. We have been doing this camp for five years and together we strive for professionalism and to set the bar higher and higher every year.

Your name has been associated with women's hockey in Slovakia for years. In recent years, more and more girls have been participating in Europe Summer Camp. Why would you recommend this camp to girls as well?

Yes, we realize it as well. Every year the interest in the camp for girls grows. Women's hockey advances and girls are also very interested in working and improving themselves. Personally, I think that ALTIS is an ideal place for such an event, we are in a closed complex where children are 100% safe. We have amazing conditions: in addition to the ice, swimming pools, gym, playground, video rooms and skating mill. Altis Resort in Namestovo is a beautiful place with helpful and friendly staff. There are actually locker rooms just for the girls, but except that they practice together with boys, which is a big advantage. In the Europe Summer Camp, we do not separate the players, we stick to the motto that “hockey is for everybody". The kids do not only take away new skills from the camp, which they will use in the season, but also a lot of experiences. Another advantage is that a lot of children meet in the camp every year
from many countries and socialize, communicate and improve together in other languages and most importantly they make new friendships.

Many camps can be attended by players from 10 years and older but Europe Summer Camp is for players from 7 years old and older. You have been a head coach of the two youngest age groups. What is the advantage to register kids at such a young age?

As I mentioned above, every year quality coaches and experts train the kids with the best training methods. We focus on preparing practices specifically for each age group, to develop the required skills. We are also considering the human factors and pedagogical approach. Kids will get colorful, interesting, modern and complex training. We teach children mainly to master the right habits, or at least, we try to eliminate some bad habits. We also try to help them in the fastest development, which is built on solid foundations, mostly in a fun and playful way.

Europe Summer Camp will be attended by 100-120 children in one tour, and 25 trainers and educators from several countries will supervise them. Do you think that from an organizational stand point, Europe Summer Camp is up to the task?

It's perfect, each group has its own animator who is always available to them and helpful. Plus each group has its own head coach who has more assistants. The kids get an individual approach and quality care throughout the camp. The camp has always been planned and organized well, the schedule is balanced and it makes sure that no one has to wait for anything. During the camp, the coaches and the organizers have several meetings and pay attention to keep everything the way we want to. Also, each head coach still has their meetings with their assistant coaches and teams. Like I said, it's all about quality and details, not only on the ice but also off the ice.