In 2019 Hungary Talent's summer development camp, European Summer Camp, awaits children again in two rounds. In both rounds, 120 players and 20 goalkeepers will work based on the instructions of 24 coaches and animators.

This year, we will continue to raise the level and try to organize the best and most enjoyable camp, where we pay close attention to the little things so that children can enjoy every moment - and of course develop as much as possible. In the already familiar Altis Hotel, where all the circumstances are perfect to organize an unforgettable camp, we will be the only guests this year during the camp.

Every day, everyone will take part in 2 on-ice and 2 off-ice training sessions, with the latest training methods. This year we had to stop the registration already in March, because the over application was so big. There are a lot of children who come to us for the third time, so they've been participating every year since the camp started.

There's only one month and we'll start, so it's worth following our site, because we'll share much more information from now on!