Many people are already organizing summer holidays and camps - that's why we're trying to make sure everyone knows when Europe Summer Camp is starting.

I. turn
July 19-24, 2020

II. turn
July 25-30, 2020

This year there will be 100-100 players and 24-24 goalkeepers in each of the two rounds - so we can provide spots for a total of 248 kids aged 8-17.

Players work in four groups for six days and learn with the most advanced forms of on and off ice trainings during the camps.

Forms of occupations:
10 x ice training
7 x off ice workout
2 x skate mill workout
2 x wellness swimming
1 x video analysis

In addition to the list, there is a very colorful program for players.

We do not think the venue needs to be introduced anymore, as we will still be at the Altis Hotel in Namestovo, where everything is provided for successful hockey camps.

In the picture you can see all the players who developed at the 2019 Europe Summer Camp!