This year we are organizing the fourth Europe Summer Camp. From the beginning, our goal was to be different from other camps - we talked about this with Vladimír Babic, the main organizer of the camp.

- How can a training camp be done better or differently?

Vladimír Babic: - The most important factor for us was that every minute of the five days should be used to the maximum, there should be no empty spaces in the program and we should implement a plan that is as colorful as possible, because monotony can quickly discourage children. This, I think, has worked perfectly well over the last three years, and looking at this year’s plans, it won’t be any different now. Of course, a lot also depends on the facility where we hold the camp. Fortunately, the Altis Resort in Slovakia is one of the most modern hockey-specific complexes - as shown in our video. This also helps a lot to make the most of the time, as we save 2-3 hours a day just by having everything in one place and not having to travel between venues like in other camps.

- Obviously, the coaching staff also helps to make Europe Summer Camp stand out from the rest of the camps ...

V.B.: - That's right, the coaching and support staff is the most important factor after the venue. The fact that we have one coach for every five players every year is a huge advantage - last year, for example, we had a team of 25 coaches and helpers in each camp, including specialists with many, many years of experience in their respective fields. We’ve always made sure to work with good professionals for extended periods, which is why we’ve had powerskating, fitness and skatemill coaches every year who have trained national teams and elite players throughout their careers. And the third thing that is especially important to us is to provide children with an experience and training that they can remember even when they grow up. You have to see that there is a huge difference between a daycare and a camp like ours - just think back to your childhood memories, summer camps, and see for yourself which one you remember!

- Why is it important for players to improve themselves in the summer as well?

V.B.: - Hockey has changed a lot in the last 10 years. It can no longer be said that the hockey season lasts 7-8 months because if one does not want to lag behind, one should rather train for 10-11 months. I have heard it said that we are not educating athletes but gladiators, but I would rather say that we are educating people first and foremost, who we try to prepare for situations in their careers where, for example, they have to solve problems without their parents' support and rely on their teammates. We welcome all players to the camp, as it was also one of our goals when we created the event to be able to employ and develop players regardless of age and level of skill.

You can still register for the Europe Summer Camp - there are still places for both camps. And the video shows where the development will take place - and of course where the new memories and friendships will be made!