The three tournaments of the Santa Claus Cup have already been featured, and now we will introduce the U10A, which will be launched for the first time this year!

Many people are interested in the tournament year after year, and more and more people see or hear about the Santa Claus Cup. That is why we decided to organize the U10A tournament on a Wednesday, but we had never thought that teams from four countries would arrive immediately: this year the Titan Nitra team will arrive from Slovakia for the first time, and after six years we will have a team from Vajdaság, the Spartak Subotica and a serb girls' team is also represented this year, the Serbia Girls and a Romanian team from Brasov will participate for the fifth year in a row!

The 15 teams will be divided into three groups, with the best of the group playing for the first three places - and likewise the teams will compete for further places based on their places in the group. The Jégkert Budapest, the Kárpáti Farkasok, Baja, Pécs, Kőszeg, the Nyugati Eszkimók and the Szigeti Bikák will all experience the atmosphere of the Santa Claus Cup tournament for the first time!

U10 A Santa Claus Cup 2019
11. december 2019.

1. DAB Dunaújváros WHITE (HUN)
2. Szekszárdi Jégmadarak (HUN)
3. BALU-T SE Baja (HUN)
4. Kárpáti Farkasok (HUN)
5. Spartak Subotica (SRB)
6. Titáni Nitra (SVK)
8. Kőszegi Farkasok (HUN)
9. Jégkert SE Budapest (HUN)
10. Szigeti Bikák Budapest (HUN)
11. DAB Dunaújváros RED (HUN)
12. Corona Brassov (ROU)
13. DAB Dunaújváros 2011 (HUN)
14. Serbia Girls (SRB)
15. Nyugati Eszkimók (HUN)

The very colorful participant list guarantees that on December 11th, Santa will be watching girls and boys develop!