We have launched our new event in Namestovo, Slovakia, in the summer of 2021, specifically for Select teams.

The first Europe Select Tournament went very well, with a total of 349 players from 20 teams from 5 countries competing in the tournament over three weekends, despite the COVID period.

In summer 2022, we will organise tournaments for five age groups over five weekends:

U11 (2012) 22.4-24.4.2022
U12 (2011) 6.5.-8.5.2022
U13 (2010) 20.-22.5.2022
U14 (2009) 3.6.-5.6.2022
U15 (2008) 17.6.-19.6.2022

The dates are set for a long time; the registration will be open from 15 October. Not all registrations can be accepted; we will try to organise the best and highest quality event, as it is an AAA level tournament where we pay attention to every detail, from the organisation to the execution.

You can read articles about the three tournaments in 2021 here:
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