The new tournament of Hungary Talent started on 7 May 2021 in Altis Rezort, Slovakia, where the 2010 age group took to the ice for the first time.

There were seven teams from three countries, who played a total of 31 2x20 minute matches - each half was a separate match. The talented youngsters played an exciting and high quality tournament, scoring a total of 232 goals, and the table shows the final scores of all the matches, with photos of all the participants. The tradition has begun and we look forward to the continuation.

1.Slovak Vampires
2.Zietara Talent
3.Czech Knights
4.SHS Select
5.MAD East Select
6.Pro Team
7.South Stars

Tournament best player awards:

Most successful player: Oliver Tomastik - Slovak Vampires
Best forward:
Best defenseman: Ádam Bojnansky - Slovak Vampires
Best goalkeeper: Simon Hnevkovsky - South Stars
Most points: Oliwier Kowalczyk - Zietara Talent

Team's best players:

Slovak Vampires-Svajda Leonar
Zietara Talent-Malgorzata Zakrzewsk
Czech Knights
SHS Select
MAD East Select-Suč Martin
Pro Team-Račak Rili
South Stars:Simon Hnevkovsky