The 2009 age group will join the three-day Europe Select Tournament at the end of May, from 28 to 30. Unfortunately, we don't see yet whether we have to organize the tournament under normal conditions or in a bubble, but we are already planning and organizing it - and thanks to that, we could throw the puck in tomorrow, we are doing so well.

There is huge interest in all three tournaments, we are very sorry for the teams and players who are unable to participate in the tournament. It is also important to know that the 2009 age group is very strong across Europe, there are plenty of select teams in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, so it is very difficult to reject anyone, but we hope that the teams who can not participate this year will at least support those teams who will be able to to take part in the competition.

You can read about the tournaments and schedules of the seven teams from the four countries here:
Timetable U13 - Europe Select Tournament 2021


1.Slovak Vampires (SVK)
2.PHT Academy (CZE)
3.Nort Hockey Academy (CZE)
4.Hungary Talent (HUN)
5.Mad East Select (SVK)
6.Czech Knights (CZE)
7.Fundatia Mens Sana (ROU)

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